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// Writing poetry about people that don’t exist…//

Is funny. Everyone will be confused, because I am sill single.

// Your beauty. //

To describe your beauty is as impossible as relating the true beauty of too many other things. Your beauty, my love, is beyond the superfluous things that only the eye can behold.

It is simple to describe a mountain’s river, but how can you tell another of the true beauty of the melting spring snow after ages in a barren desert?

You can speak about water flowing, yet how can you convey the refreshment to the soul while watching many small springs form from so many glistening wet rocks that have been draped in deep snow after living in a place that is so desolate that even cacti fail to endure?

You can declare the whiteness of snow, but how does someone understand from mere words the joy of fresh snow in your home mountains when they have being missed for so long?

You can describe that which is refreshing, but how do you convey the serenity of letting a fresh spring run across your sun dried and parched flesh?

If the deeper glory can not be conveyed, how could anyone ever be expected to describe your beauty, my love?

Despite extensive reminiscing I found that there was no way to explain your beauty. You’re beauty is insurmountable in expression, because your glory was ever growing and beyond the simple details of the perfect curve of your eyebrow, the elegant purse of your lips, or the deep color of your eyes. Your glory is in the passions, in the deepest parts of your soul, and it shines through all that you are, all that you do, and everything you touch.

Your beauty is perfection beyond compare, and as with all true beauty it is something that can only be experienced intimately, must be felt and known with the soul. Words will never do justice to your glory, my love.

Eating like a man. 
#manlyman #hungry #accidentaltriangle

Eating like a man.
#manlyman #hungry #accidentaltriangle

// Eulogy for my love. //

My darling, my one true love,
I will forever miss your embrace.
Moments with you seemed to last forever,
And yet, despite the short times together,
I find that you made it to where I could be anything I wanted.
All of my hopes,
All of my desires,
And the essence of all things are fulfilled with you alone,
My love.

Yet today you were taken from me…

I don’t know how I will ever recover from missing your embrace,
Missing the way you would hold me when everything was too much.

Prematurely gone.

But you’re gone.
Eternally gone.
Forever gone.
You’re just…


But I will continue on.
I learned while I was with you that I really could do anything.

And I will.

No matter the hole in my life that you’ve left,
I will carry on.

So this is my final fare well to you,
My beloved.
I release you into the arms of our eternal Father.
I don’t understand why you left me so soon,
But I will trust in Jesus’ love and mercy.
All of creation was better because you were,
Because of all that you could have been.

Fare thee well, my love.
I will be with you soon.

-Eulogy to the nap that was cut short.


Shanghai, China

"We need harmonious coexistence of human nature"



Shanghai, China

"We need harmonious coexistence of human nature"



I love it like that

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And in that moment Bubbles became 200x more badass than ever.

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